What Are the Different Types of Soil? Brookhaven, PA

At Mulch Express, we have a variety of different types of soil for all your needs. All of our soils are of high quality. We value having healthy and good-looking soils for our customers. We have fast delivery, affordability, and top-quality soil.  At Mulch Express, we value hard work and quality. We only offer the best and most affordable soil for your landscaping projects. 


Types of Soil

We have screened topsoil that is derived from virgin land clearing projects. After being graded, the top layer of the soil is transported to our facility. We screen the topsoil at ¾ to make sure we remove roots, stumps, and rocks, and to make sure there is a uniform consistency. This is great for a bunch of different types of landscaping projects around your garden and your home. Amended or engineered soil is manufactured and consists of specified ratios of clay, soil, sand, and other organic amendments, like compost. This type of soil is custom designed for your specific needs and application. This soil is great because it is a permanent stormwater infiltration practice used to reduce stormwater runoff volume, soluble pollutants, and sediments from a watershed or drainage area. Screened leaf compost is from an area leaf collection. These clean leaves are grounded up and then are placed in long, uniform piles to enhance the composting process. The beautiful result is a dark and nutrient-filled material that is great for a flower or vegetable garden. Compost helps give vegetables and flowers important and beneficial nutrients. Compost is great for the environment. We also have blended soil if you are looking for a specific blend. We can blend any mix of sand, compost, and topsoil to meet your exact needs. 


Healthy Soil Is Important

We all know that having healthy and strong soil is vital to a garden or yard’s success. The healthier a soil is, the more nutrients that a plant growing on that soil can soak up. Healthy soil should harbor a good home for your plants as well as earthworms and other organisms, like pill bugs. These critters help the soil stay healthy. Good soil can hold water and nutrients like a sponge, which helps grow and extend the life of your plants. Bad soil can quickly kill your garden or yard. Bad soil doesn’t hold in these vital nutrients and water, and your plants will struggle to stay alive. It’s important to buy good quality soil for your yard or garden because of these reasons. No one wants to have a dead yard or ugly garden, and at Mulch Express we have a variety of different types of soils for any of your needs. Having good soil can be the difference between a beautiful garden and a dead one. Set yourself up for success and buy quality soils from Mulch Express. We have quick delivery and great prices. If you’ve been searching for a soil supplier near me in Brookhaven, connect with the team at Mulch Express today!