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Amended Engineered Blended Soil

Screened Topsoil

Derived from virgin land clearing projects, the top layer of soil is graded and transported to our facility. We then screen the topsoil at ¾” to help remove rocks, stumps and roots to ensure uniform consistency. Great for a multitude of projects around your home and garden. 

Screened Leaf Compost

From area leaf collection in the fall, clean leaves are ground up and placed in long uniform piles to enhance the composting process. The result is a dark, nutrient rich material that is perfect as an amendment for you flowers or vegetable gardens to help add beneficial nutrients.

Amended / Engineered Soil

Engineered soil is a manufactured soil consisting of specified ratios of sand, silt, clay, and organic amendments such as compost and custom designed for your specific application.  Engineered soil is a permanent stormwater infiltration practice used to reduce stormwater runoff volume, sediments, and soluble pollutants from a watershed or drainage area.  

Blended Soil

Looking for a specific blend? We can blend any mix using topsoil, sand, & compost to meet your exact specifications.