The Go-To Mulch Supplier For Customers In Blue Bell, PA

When it comes to maintaining the quality of your landscape, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. From proper equipment to supplies, no matter how you choose to utilize your landscape, it’s vital before you get started to make sure you are fully prepared to take care of your upcoming project. As one of the most popular landscaping items for a wide variety of projects, mulch is notorious for providing stunning aesthetics to any plot of land in addition to other benefits that make it a must-have for most landscaping tasks. Are you on the search for “bulk mulch supply near me” in Blue Bell, PA? Look no further than Mulch Express! Our company is proud to supply customers with environmentally friendly, durable mulch products for years.


The Benefits of Mulch 

From flower gardens to vegetable gardens, no matter how you choose to utilize your outdoor space, it’s important to properly tend to this area to make the most of it. With the help of mulch, your landscape is able to reap the benefits that this product provides. Some of these benefits that mulch offers include:


  • Retains soil moisture
  • Contributes to the health of the soil
  • Cuts back on plot injury due to wintery weather
  • Helps with controlling weeds


Mulch does more than just beautify your property’s exterior. Certain mulch types can even repel against certain insects, better protecting your precious plants. If you have been considering stocking up on mulch for your next landscaping job, count on Mulch Express as your go-to mulch supplier in Blue Bell, PA! 


The Top Mulch Supplier in Blue Bell, PA— It’s In Our Name!

At Mulch Express, we know how important it is for your property’s exterior to have not only a landscape that looks visually appealing but promotes positive landscape health. We believe that the first step to achieving the landscape of your dreams is by obtaining and using the best products on the market. Our various types of mulch products are all-natural and nondyed thanks to our eco-friendly mulch creation process:


Step 1: We collect and receive high quality scrap wood products from sawmills, whole tree land clearing and landscape companies.


Step 2: Brush, stumps, logs and wood chips are processed through an industrial grinder to a specified size, stock piled and aged to produce a rich, dark, natural mulch.


Step 3: Our colored mulch (available in black or brown) is produced by mixing a nontoxic, environmentally friendly dye with water which is applied during the grinding process to ensure complete and uniform application.


The results? A supply of rich, beautifully colored mulch product that can best withstand various weather conditions during the year. Our company values the importance of creating all-natural and aesthetically pleasing mulch products to our customers located in Blue Bell, PA and we are eager to assist you with any and all of your landscaping needs. 


In Need of Top-Tier Mulch Products?

Call our team at Mulch Express! Our crew is ready to help supply you with the right mulch products for your next landscaping job. For more information about our services and products offered to customers in Blue Bell, PA, please contact us today or call (610) 558-3294 to speak with a Mulch Express representative. Thank you!