6 Reasons to Use Mulch for Your Next Landscaping Project in Aston, PA

Mulch is a great product to use for your landscaping needs for a multitude of reasons. There are a ton of benefits of mulch. Mulch helps to improve soil moisture and also prevents plants from drying out too quickly. It also helps protect shallow-rooted plants from frost-heave and damage from the winter. Mulch helps to reduce soil compaction and soil erosion and can be helpful in the reduction of weeds. Weeds are ugly and unwanted, so mulch helps with that. Mulching can help maintain the optimal soil temperatures by creating a barrier between the cold and the heat. Lastly, mulch helps increase soil nutrients as it decomposes by helping to improve the structure of the soil. This leads to better drainage and better use of important nutrients. There are a bunch of benefits to using mulch, and it’s a great product to choose for your next landscaping project.


Mulch Express in Aston 

We offer a ton of different types of mulch for all of your landscaping needs. At Mulch Express located in Aston, PA, we take mulch very seriously. Our mulch process starts with collecting and receiving high-quality scrap wood products from sawmills, landscape companies, and whole tree land clearing. The wood is not treated, like pallets or railroad ties, and is not used or permitted at any point in our manufacturing. All of the logs, wood chips, stumps, and brush are processed through an industrial grinder to a specified size. They are then stockpiled and aged to produce a dark, rich, and natural-looking mulch. The mulch will be black or brown, and this is produced by mixing environmentally friendly and non-toxic dye with water, and then it’s applied during the grinding process to ensure complete and uniform application. Finally, we have a gorgeous and natural non-dyed mulch that will settle to a coco brown. A color-enhanced product would help the mulch hold its vibrant color for an extended period. 


Who We Are

We have a long history of providing customers in Aston with mulch and are proud to help you with your mulch needs. We offer high-grade mulch at good prices and with a fast delivery rate. We understand how important your landscaping is to you. If it’s a commercial project or a personal one, we know that it’s important to have good quality mulch that will look top quality. We value prompt delivery and helpful service, and we want your landscaping project to look as beautiful as it possibly can. There are a ton of benefits of mulch in landscaping projects, and we offer great quality mulch. We make sure that you get the mulch that you paid for. We never cut costs, and we are invested in delivering natural, beautiful, and high-quality mulch. If you’re looking for a local mulch supplier, please contact us today for all of your needs in Aston, Pennsylvania.