Mulch Calculation For Landscape Work In Chester County, PA

Are you getting ready to start your upcoming landscape project but need professional assistance in determining how much mulch you will need? Whether you are planning on freshening up your garden with new mulch or wish to redo all flowerbeds around your property, you will want to make sure you have the right product as well as the right amount of mulch for the job to get it done quickly and efficiently. At Mulch Express, we take the guesswork out of the equation on how much product you will need for your task at hand and will calculate the mulch needed for your landscape goals. 


How To Best Calculate Mulch Needed For Your Landscape Work

There’s nothing more frustrating than falling too short of or having too much of mulch leftover after your landscaping job is complete. To best avoid overspending on extra product that you don’t need or having to run back to the store midway through your work to pick up extra supplies, there is a simple equation that you can use. All you have to do is the following:


  • Determine The Mulch Type You Will Use. First, make the decision on the product you are going to use for your project. The wide variety of mulch products available opens the door to endless possibilities on how you can transform your landscape. Between color and functionality, if you are unsure of the right mulch product to choose from, contact your mulch landscape supply company for assistance. 

  • Measure The Square Footage of Your Space. Depending on the shape and size of your outdoor area, you will want to grab the following measurements to most accurately determine how much product is needed. Have a traditional square or rectangular garden space? Multiply the length (in feet) by its width (in feet). Have a circular area instead? Grab the measurement of the distance from the center of the bed to the outer edge for the radius. Then multiply that number by itself. Finally, multiply the total by 3.14 (π). How about if your garden is oddly shaped? No worries! Do your best to split its interior into smaller squares for your best bet. 

  • Decide How Deep You Wish Your Mulch Layer To Be. The level of depth to your mulch layer depends on what your landscaping goal is. If you are planting new trees or shrubs, your level will be a bit deeper than simply sprucing up your vegetable garden with nutrition. If you need professional advice on determining how deep your mulch layer should be, count on Mulch Express to help you out!


Your Go-To Mulch Calculator Guide For Chester County, PA 

When it comes to your landscape work, ensuring that you are properly prepared with the right equipment and supplies will save you time and money. Here at Mulch Express, we’re proud to offer our customers located in Chester County, PA with reliable mulch products and amounts to complete the job at hand. We’ll be your dependable mulch calculator so you can spend more time beautifying your property and less time at the store trying to decide which product to use. Contact us today or call (610) 558-3294 to speak with a member of our team!