Local Soil Supplier in Chester Springs, PA

Warmer weather is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pick up some soil in the Chester Springs area! Before you search for a local soil supplier in the Chester Springs neighborhood, allow us to tell you about all of the ways soil can be used in your lawn and garden to create a beautiful landscape this season. 


The Many Uses of Soil

There are more ways to use soil than just as a tool for gardening. To begin, soil can be used to fix uneven parts of your yard or patchy spots on your lawn. Soil serves as a great solution for drainage problems in your garden, as it improves the circulation around your plants. If you’re looking to start a garden in your yard but are limited to a grassy patch of land, soil can be used to start your garden from scratch! You can also use a new layer of soil to freshen up the look of your lawn and garden. When you have some soil on hand, the options for how you can use it are seemingly endless.


Where to Buy Soil in Chester Springs, PA

Now that you know all the ways soil can be of use to you and your yard, you might be wondering who the best supplier of soil for landscaping is in Chester Springs, PA. Mulch Express and Landscaping Supply is the local supplier of affordable soil for residents and commercial property owners in Chester Springs. For years we have been supplying our customers with customized bulk pricing options and a superior product selection. Whether you’re in need of soil for your garden at home or a large scale commercial project, we have it all at Mulch Express and Landscaping Supply.


Mulch Express and Landscaping Supply Garden Soil Options

At Mulch Express and Landscaping Supply, we pride ourselves on offering a full line of garden soil for our customers to choose from.


  • Screened Topsoil – Topsoil derived from virgin land clearing projects, graded and transported to our facility. This topsoil boasts a uniform consistency and is great for a multitude of projects around your home and garden.
  • Screen Leaf Compost – Made from composted clean leaves collected from the area, this soil is a dark, nutrient-rich material that adds beneficial nutrients to your flowers or vegetable garden.
  • Amended/Engineered Soil – As the name suggests, this soil is a manufactured blend consisting of sand, silt, clay, and organic amendments like compost. Engineered soil can be used to reduce stormwater runoff volume, sediments, and soluble pollutants from a watershed or drainage area.
  • Blended Soil – Mulch Express and Landscaping Supply can create custom soil blends to fit your every need!


Visit Your Local Soil Supplier Today!

High quality soil and exceptional customer service are what make Mulch Express and Landscaping Supply the leading topsoil distributor in Chester Springs, PA. If you’re looking to purchase soil for landscaping this season, we would be more than happy to be your supplier. Contact us today by calling (610) 558-3294 or emailing us at [email protected]. Our friendly representatives are available to answer any questions and provide you with a free estimate.